Disorders of the Ear

We provide a wide range of treatments for issues and conditions related to the ear — ranging from the common to the complex. The ear disorders we treat include hearing loss, tinnitus, ringing, wax impaction, balance issues/vertigo, sound sensitivity, balloon procedures, and ear pain, infections, and injuries. Rest assured that Dr. Richards and his team will provide you with the very best care and attention, and will offer the best medical or surgical therapies for you.

Medical disorders treated

  • Ear pain/discomfort
  • Hearing loss
  • Balloon procedures
  • Tinnitus / Ringing
  • Wax Impaction
  • Ear infections
  • Balance / vertigo
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Ear injuries

Surgical therapy offered

  • Ear tubes
  • Eustachian tube Balloon procedures
  • Wax removal
  • Ear drum repair
  • Skin Cancer removal

Ear Pain

Ear pain can be from many sources, related to the ear, or the surrounding structures. Many individuals will have pain with infection in the ear canal, or infection related to allergy that affects the ear. Pain in the jaw joint, right in front of the ear, is also a common source for pain in adults. Children often will have pain characteristically accompanying ear infections a young age. There may be other related symptoms as well, such as headaches or pain radiating into the neck or throat. Dr. Richards will conduct a full medical examination in our office and a hearing assessment may be needed in order to determine the source of the pain and the best course of treatment.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss and related concerns are one of the most common complaints that we see in our office. Hearing loss often becomes a frustration for individuals, complicating every day interactions, activities, and social situations. Substantial hearing loss often leads to some measure of social isolation, further diminishing quality-of-life and social opportunities. There are many sources for hearing loss, and many related symptoms such as ringing in the ears or imbalance. If you are experiencing hearing loss, it is important for you to see a specialist for proper testing and diagnosis. An examination in the office and hearing testing can be performed quickly, and an appropriate solution can then be offered. The solution can be as simple as wax removal, allergy management, or medications to treat infection. Hearing aid solutions may also be offered.


Successful Treatment for Ear Pain and Hearing Loss | Richards MD


Tinnitus is a condition that many individuals experience. It is a perception of a sound in the ear when there is no actual sound in the environment. Tinnitus may affect an individual in just one or both ears, and may also be associated with imbalance. Individuals describe various types of sound — from a high-pitched ringing to buzzing or chirping in the ear. There are many sources of tinnitus, including surgical medications, sudden loud noise exposure, or long-term noise exposure. Occupational exposure to sound may also contribute to its development. This condition is often chronic, and can be a significant distraction for many individuals throughout the day and certainly at night. Recommended treatment(s) can be made following an in-office examination with hearing testing and discussion of potential causes.

Wax Impaction

A frustration for many, accumulation of ear wax can lead to perceptions of retained water in the ear, loss of hearing, itching in the ear, and even pain for some. Many individuals sense that wax accumulation may be responsible for their symptoms and concerns, but are hesitant to seek help. When over-the-counter wax removal agents aren’t helpful, an evaluation in our office will usually lead to a quick, gentle, and pain-free removal of wax and a thorough cleaning of the ear canal.

Medical Treatment for Tinnitus | Richards MD


Individuals experiencing dizziness or balance issues could be suffering from an inner ear disorder. Imbalance that arises from an inner ear disturbance is often called “vertigo”. Vertigo is typically characterized by a rotating or swirling sensation that is usually nauseating. Symptoms of imbalance or vertigo may include headache, nausea, visual disturbance, falls, and ear pain. There are many sources for vertigo including positional vertigo, Ménière’s disease, and infection of the inner ear. A detailed evaluation can help determine the next best step in management and treatment for these types of disorders. Advanced testing may also be needed in order to help understand your best options for management.

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

The Eustachian tube is a small passageway that connects your nasal passage with the ear and helps to regulate ear pressure. When the Eustachian tube is unable to function properly, often resulting from allergy or nasal infection, individuals may notice a host of symptoms. These symptoms can be subtle or rather severe, ranging from a sense of increased pressure or fullness in the ear, popping, or hearing loss, to balance issues or changes in sound perception/tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Eustachian tube dysfunction can be associated with many different sources. Testing in the office is performed with a simple measurement and can help to confirm the source of the problem. Although allergy or infection are the most common sources, a thorough examination will help identify or rule out other possibilities.

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“Dr. Richards is awesome! We were struggling with my son’s ear infections for so long until we found Dr. Richards! He made getting tubes so easy and we had instant relief! He is kind and great with kids and very informative. I recommend him to all of my friends.”

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“[…] Dr. Richards put in my son’s tubes without general anesthesia (in under 10 minutes for both ears) and was very reasonably priced. The consult and surgery were scheduled timely, very little wait. He is awesome and will be our first call for my family’s ENT needs!”

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